About the Book


It’s an all-American story:

A young boy grows up in poverty, dreaming of the major leagues and someday working with his heroes.

For Ed Lucas, however, the story had a unique twist, one that imageinspires anyone who has a dream, but is facing obstacles on their way to reaching it.

At the age of twelve in 1951, Ed lost his sight when he was hit in the face with a baseball. People told him that his life was over, that he’d be reduced to begging on the corner with a cup and a cane.

Ed never gave up hope.

Fueled by his love of the game, hard work, and great faith, Ed made it to the majors—not as a player, but as an Emmy winning broadcaster in a league of his own.image

After six decades of success turning his passion into a dream career, Ed Lucas now tells the story of the people and events that shaped his incredible journey through the darkness, from the streets of Jersey City to The House That Ruth Built.

At the heart of his narrative is the overwhelming strength of Ed’s family’s faith, and their belief in him.


Ed’s mother wrote letters to star players to help cheer up her 12-year-old blind son—and they responded in a surprisingly touching way.

A group of colorful nuns taught Ed self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. He was independent at a time when people did not expect it from the disabled, graduating with honors from high school and then college.

Ed worked a series of jobs to support a young family, while his love of broadcasting burned red hot.


Yankee legend Phil Rizzuto, who Ed met when he was a boy, would prove to be a bighearted mentor, encouraging Ed and helping him to get his foot in the door.

Faced with doubters at every turn, Ed Lucas defied the odds and worked his way up to the big leagues.

It’s a success story like no other.

Ed also vividly chronicles the heartbreaking legal battle he had to fight when the courts took his two young sons away from him,


They said that a disabled person shouldn’t be allowed to raise their own children!

Once again, Ed had to prove himself, making legal history in the process.

Seeing  Home is a story of faith, family, and baseball.

It is also an autobiography told by someone who is blind, yet has seen the world—and his favorite sport—from a most unique and inspiring point of view.

Everyone will eventually face challenges, big and small, in their lifetime. They can all be overcome.

Ed Lucas is living proof.