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Walt Disney’s Irish Connections

image A few weeks ago, I wrote about Walt Disney as one of life’s Hall of Famers. I’ve always had an affinity for Mr. Disney. Perhaps it’s because we share an Irish background.

Most people don’t realize that Disney himself was of Irish ancestry. His forebears came from County Kilkenny. Walt’s Great Grandfather, Arundel Disney, moved to Canada in the 1830’s. Walt’s Grandfather, Kepple, was actually born in Ireland just before the move. Later, the Disney clan would move to the Midwestern U.S. to seek their fortune.

It was there that Walt was raised with a keen appreciation for his Irish background, which would continue throughout his life. (Take a good look at any photos of Walt, you’ll notice that he only wore two pieces of jewlery, his wedding ring on one hand and an Irish Claddagh ring on the other. The “Partners” statue in the Disney parks also feature Walt wearing this tribute to his heritage.)

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Regarding the time that Batman and Iron Man made a movie about the 1986 Mets-Red Sox World Series

imageDo you remember the movie where Michael Keaton (sometimes known as Batman) was desperately rooting for the Boston Red Sox to win the 1986 World Series, while Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man’s living embodiment) was pulling for the New York Mets?


You’re not alone.

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Be More Like the Groundhog

imageLast week was Groundhog Day, that uniquely American pseudo-holiday where we take our weather advice from a furry animal.

You should be like that little groundhog in your own life? What does that mean?

We’ll get to that, but first – some background.

In the northeast, we are currently enjoying (?) sub zero temperatures and piles of snow (Especially for those in New England, this is one of the worst winters ever.)

This is not unexpected, of course. January and February are usually pretty rough months up north. Even so, it’s no fun shoveling every day and having to wear eighteen layers of clothes. That’s why Groundhog Day gets so much attention, we are hopeful and eager to hear that winter will be coming to an end soon.

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