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Jean Norris – the woman who opened the door for blind readers everywhere

Today is Read Across America day, instituted by the NEA in honor of Doctor Seuss (Theodore Geisel) whose birthday fell on this date.

Schools, clubs, libraries and parents everywhere are encouraged to spend extra time today reading with their children, with the hope that it will spark a love of literature that will last a lifetime in them.

Jean Norris of Twin Vision for the Blind

I love to read. It’s what helped to make me a better writer and broadcaster. The more you read, the larger your vocabulary becomes, and the better grasp you have on language and grammar.

One of the things that was frustrating to me when I was younger was the lack of books, newspapers and magazines available in Braille for me to read. This absence became even more pronounced when my sons, Eddie and Chris, were born. Like any parent, I wanted to read children’s stories to them at bed time, but couldn’t. I felt terrible having to say no to them. It broke my heart.

The solution arrived in a most unexpected way when the Good Lord inspired a wonderful woman, Jean Norris, from southern California on to help those facing my predicament.

She quickly became my hero, she still is.

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Two “Super” Heroes of the Week

imageActors Chris Pratt and Chris Evans seemingly have everything they could possibly want.

They have both been blessed by God with talent and ability and the opportunity to rise to the height of their profession.

Evans, in his role of Captain America, and Pratt, as Star Lord, are the stars of two of the biggest movies of all time, “The Avengers” and “Guardians of The Galaxy”, both from Disney/Marvel. Both films have combined to amass world wide box office totals north of a billion dollars.

Pratt and Evans are also close friends.

Recently, the two made a very interesting wager.

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