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Sage advice from Hellen Keller

Helen Keller has always been an inspiration to me.

Shortly after the International Lions Club was formed in Chicago in the 1920s, she appeared before them to urge Lions to become “Knights of the Blind.” As a proud Lion for over forty years, I have first hand experience in their devotion to helping those, like me, who live in a world of darkness.

One of the reasons I created “Seeing Home” was to honor and repay all of those who reached out to lift me up, by helping others who are in a similar place that I was.

That’s why this quote from Ms. Keller rings true, even today.

I hope you find it just as inspiring.


George Steinbrenner – SNL host extraordinaire

imageTonight, NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) is having a big 40th anniversary celebration.

The show will air in prime time and will feature the majority of cast members from the last four decades. The red carpet and audience will be filled with A-listers from all areas of show business, many of whom were once guest hosts or musical guests.

One of the best guest hosts of all time won’t be there, unfortunately, as he passed away in 2010.

Yankee owner George Steinbrenner was a complete surprise when he took the stage for the opening monologue in October 1990 (the same night that the Cincinnati Reds – led by George’s former manager, Lou Piniella, completed a surprise World Series sweep of the Oakland A’s.)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A little Valentine’s Day humor, courtesy of “Bald” Vinny Milano, the leader of the Bleacher Creatures Yankee Roll Call: