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Oscar Winners Who Have Portrayed Baseball Players On Screen

The two great past-times of American summers, baseball and the movies, sometimes come together in thrilling ways.

Ballparks have been the setting for some of Hollywood’s best loved sports films.

Baseball is such an integral part of growing up in the United States, that many actors have a natural feel and look when it comes to taking on the role of a ballplayer, even if they’ve never actually spent time on a diamond.

In fact, some of our most talented actors have been captured on screen as they roamed the infield, outfield, bullpen or dugout.

Here, in chronological order of the films as they debuted, are several Oscar winners who have portrayed baseball players on screen:

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Stan Laurel – The King of Writing Letters

LastMCann ad month, I sat down with my sons to watch the 1932 Laurel and Hardy classic “The Music Box.” My boys aren’t big fans of black and white films, so I wasn’t sure if the deliberately paced comedy style of eighty plus years ago would appeal to a twelve year old and ten year old in 2015.
Funny is funny, no matter what generation it is. My sons laughed hysterically at the film. When it was over, they asked me to play it again. The two comedians, who had both passed away years before I was born, were making 21st Century children chuckle just as much as they did when Hollywood was in its infancy.

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George Steinbrenner – SNL host extraordinaire

imageTonight, NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) is having a big 40th anniversary celebration.

The show will air in prime time and will feature the majority of cast members from the last four decades. The red carpet and audience will be filled with A-listers from all areas of show business, many of whom were once guest hosts or musical guests.

One of the best guest hosts of all time won’t be there, unfortunately, as he passed away in 2010.

Yankee owner George Steinbrenner was a complete surprise when he took the stage for the opening monologue in October 1990 (the same night that the Cincinnati Reds – led by George’s former manager, Lou Piniella, completed a surprise World Series sweep of the Oakland A’s.)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A little Valentine’s Day humor, courtesy of “Bald” Vinny Milano, the leader of the Bleacher Creatures Yankee Roll Call:


Why Horace Stoneham belongs in the Hall of Fame


Horace Stoneham

In my book, Seeing Home, I mention the late Yankee owner George M. Steinbrenner, who was a wonderful person. I call him one of life’s hall of famers, a guy who quietly and consistently helped those in need.

Unfortunately, for reasons I’ll describe below, he isn’t yet a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

It reminded me of another should be Baseball Hall of Fame owner that is mentioned in Seeing Home, Horace Stoneham of the New York Giants.

While he was never the household name that Steinbrenner was, Stoneham had just as big an impact on New York baseball. It was his last move in New York, however, that might be the thing that’s unfairly keeping him out of the Hall.

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He Expected Nothing and Got Everything

imageA young man from upstate Amsterdam, New York showed us all what it’s like to give selflessly without expecting any return.

Despite the fact that he was homeless, unemployed and without a car, Stephen Madelon headed out the door with a shovel in the early morning hours as over a foot of snow blanketed his community recently.

It’s traditional for snow shovelers – usually neighborhood kids – to ring doorbells and to ask for a small fee in exchange for letting the homeowner stay inside and rest while their property is cleared of the heavy white stuff. Payments of $25 or more are not unheard of.

Madelon could have potentially earned hundreds of dollars for his hard work in the frigid weather.

He didn’t make a dime.

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Two “Super” Heroes of the Week

imageActors Chris Pratt and Chris Evans seemingly have everything they could possibly want.

They have both been blessed by God with talent and ability and the opportunity to rise to the height of their profession.

Evans, in his role of Captain America, and Pratt, as Star Lord, are the stars of two of the biggest movies of all time, “The Avengers” and “Guardians of The Galaxy”, both from Disney/Marvel. Both films have combined to amass world wide box office totals north of a billion dollars.

Pratt and Evans are also close friends.

Recently, the two made a very interesting wager.

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Walt Disney’s Hall of Fame life

Walt Disney is – arguably – one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century. He certainly ranks high on the list of pop culture icons.

Before and after his passing in 1966, Mr. Disney was honored by several organizations with inclusion in their Hall of Fame. image

He deserves the title of Hall of Famer many times over, no doubt, but not just for his incredible body of work. Mr. Disney is in life’s Hall of Fame solely because he acts as an inspiration for anyone who’s ever been told “no” or that their dreams are impossible to reach.

At several crucial points in his life, Walt Disney encountered barriers and obstacles that would have defeated a lesser person.

Here are just a few:

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Be More Like the Groundhog

imageLast week was Groundhog Day, that uniquely American pseudo-holiday where we take our weather advice from a furry animal.

You should be like that little groundhog in your own life? What does that mean?

We’ll get to that, but first – some background.

In the northeast, we are currently enjoying (?) sub zero temperatures and piles of snow (Especially for those in New England, this is one of the worst winters ever.)

This is not unexpected, of course. January and February are usually pretty rough months up north. Even so, it’s no fun shoveling every day and having to wear eighteen layers of clothes. That’s why Groundhog Day gets so much attention, we are hopeful and eager to hear that winter will be coming to an end soon.

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